Spicy Sindhi Kadhi Recipe

Spicy Sindhi Kadhi Recipe

Spicy Sindhi Kadhi Recipe. Sindhi Kadhi is a North Indian recipe, best presented with steamed rice and seared papads to make your night wonderful.

Spicy Sindhi Kadhi

Spicy Sindhi Kadhi Recipe

This side dish recipe is an ideal dish for events like pot karma and commemorations.

]You can have this simple to-make and flavourful curry recipe in lunch/supper as well. Attempt it!

How to make Sindhi Kadhi

Stage 1

Heat oil in a container over medium-high fire and add hing, mustard seeds, cumin seeds, fenugreek seeds, curry leaves and green chilies.

When they begin spluttering, add besan and wheat flour.

Stage 2

Saute till they become pink and crude smell vanishes.

Presently add water into the skillet and bring to bubble. Add potatoes, sweet potato and cauliflower (you can change amount of vegetables in light of your inclination).

Stage 3

Cook till vegetables are half finished. Add salt, turmeric powder, red stew powder and tamarind mash.

Then add group beans and let it stew on medium fire.

Spicy Sindhi Kadhi Recipe

Stage 4

Add water assuming that you think sauce has gone thick.

Add drumsticks and woman finger when any remaining vegetables are practically finished.

Bubble for additional 3-4 minutes and embellishment with coriander leaves Serve hot with rice.

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