Spicy Cheese Toast Recipe

Spicy Cheese Toast Recipe

Spicy Cheese Toast Recipe . Bean stew Cheese Toast is a fast breakfast/nibble formula famous among individuals of all age bunch.

Made with ordinary bread cuts, these cheddar sandwiches taste delectable and are official for events like picnics and excursions.

Spicy Cheese Toast Recipe

Attempt this flavorful formula.

How to make Chilli Cheese Toast

Stage 1

Set up a messy combination by combining as one cheddar, onions, green chillies, pepper powder, chaat masala powder and minimal salt in a bowl.

Spread margarine on portion of the bread cuts.

Stage 2

Spread this messy combination uniformly on top and cover with the excess cuts.

Spicy Cheese

Spicy Cheese Toast Recipe

Stage 3

Heat a toaster oven/sandwich producer for few moments.

Place the pre-arranged bread cuts and cook till it becomes brilliant brown.

Stage 4

Serve the toast with ketchup.

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