Special Dessert Recipe Paan Gulab Jamun

Special Dessert Recipe Paan Gulab Jamun

Special Dessert Recipe Paan Gulab Jamun.Gulab Jamun is among the maximum simple, proper and loved dessert recipes throughout the country. This dessert recipe is made with a touch twist, where the khoya-cheese balls are stuffed with saffron, khoya, pistachios and gulkand, and then given the shape of a paan. This deep-fried sweet dish is so tempting that it’s going to right away soften in your mouth. Try this smooth dessert recipe on Diwali and let your family experience a divine revel in.

Special Dessert Recipe Paan Gulab Jamun
Special Dessert Recipe Paan Gulab Jamun

Special Dessert Recipe Paan Gulab Jamun

Total Time45mPrep Time20 mCalories853
Ingredients of Paan Gulab Jamun

8 Servings
1 half of cup grated khoya
1/four teaspoon baking soda
2 cup ghee
1/four cup mashed paneer
2 cup sugar
2 1/4 cup Water
For Filling
four teaspoon Gulkand
eight strand saffron
1 teaspoon fennel seeds
8 pistachios
For Dough
three tablespoon all purpose flour
For The Main Dish
1/four teaspoon powdered inexperienced cardamom

How to make Paan Gulab Jamun
Step 1
To make these mouth-watering gulab jamun, grate khoya (keep a little aside for stuffing) and mash with cottage cheese (use chenna, if possible) in a big bowl and hold apart.

Step 2
In the identical bowl, add baking soda and all purpose flour with inexperienced cardamom powder, blend them collectively. With a bit water, knead the combination to make a gentle dough.

Step three
When the dough is made, divide it into eight identical portions and shape them all into balls. Now, prepare a sugar syrup with sugar and two cups of water.

Step 4
Clear the syrup by getting rid of the scum, if any. Make a stuffing/filling with khoya, candy fennel seeds (saunf), saffron, pistachios and gulkand. Stuff the khoya-cheese balls with this combination, and form them into pyramids.

Step 5
On low flame, positioned a kadahi and heat ghee in it. When ghee is hot, add these filled balls carefully and deep fry on low warmth until golden in shade. Make sure the temperature of the ghee need to be low else the gulab jamuns will remain raw from inner.

Step 6
Drain these balls and soak inside the sugar syrup for as a minimum fifteen to 20 minutes before serving. Serve them hot.


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