Sound Salad Recipe

Sound Salad Recipe

Sound Salad Recipe. Sound Salad is a simple formula that requires insignificant cooking and can be ready in less than 20-minutes. Sound Salad, Continental formula is arranged utilizing spinach, chickpeas, potato, carrot, cucumber, tofu, beetroot, alongside mayonnaise and a melange of flavors.

Sound Salad Recipe

Sound Salad

150 gm slashed spinach
1 cup chickpeas
1 slashed cucumber
1 piece ground ginger
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 teaspoon stew pieces
salt as required
4 twigs coriander leaves
water as required
1 huge ground carrot
1 bubbled potato

Stage 1
First and foremost, wash the chickpeas in running water and afterward put a tension cooker on high fire and add the chickpeas in it alongside required water and close the cover of the cooker. Heat up the chickpeas for at some point.

Stage 2
Then, when the chickpeas are bubbled, put a skillet on medium fire and hotness olive oil in it. Whenever the oil is sufficiently hot, add the tofu 3D squares and saute them till they get light brown in variety, and afterward switch off the burner.

Stage 3
Presently, take a huge bowl and add the cleaved spinach leaves, hacked potatoes and beetroot, ground carrots, alongside bubbled chickpeas. Throw them well.

Stage 4
In a similar bowl, add the cut ginger alongside sauteed tofu solid shapes, stew pieces, lemon juice, salad oil, and mayonnaise. Throw every one of the fixings well so everything is blended. Serve right away!

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