Sound Potato Soup Recipe

Sound Potato Soup Recipe

Sound Potato Soup Recipe. Sound Potato Soup is a Continental formula made utilizing potatoes, milk and universally handy flour(maida). Potatoes are plentiful in Vitamin C and B6 and in this manner it is a solid formula. This canapé formula is wonderful to begin your supper or smorgasbord and furthermore is an extraordinary choice to keep you warm on cold winter evenings!

Sound Potato Soup Recipe

Elements of Healthy Potato Soup

2 Servings
3/4 cup cleaved onion
1 tablespoon margarine
1/2 cup milk
4 1/2 cup peeled,diced potato
3 tablespoon regular flour

Sound Potato Soup Recipe

Instructions to make Healthy Potato Soup

Stage 1
Place slashed onions alongside diced potatoes in a pot.

Stage 2
Cover with water and bring to bubble.

Stage 3
Stew until delicate, around 10 minutes and afterward channel. Dissolve 1 tbsp margarine in pan.

Stage 4
Add 3 tbsp flour and mix until smooth. Intensity to thicken.

Stage 5
Add onions and potatoes to 1/2 cup milk and intensity to serving temperature.

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