Sound Lentil Patty Recipe

Sound Lentil Patty Recipe

Sound Lentil Patty Recipe. This storm season treat your taste buds with a delectable patty recipe, which is Healthy Lentil Patty. This simple to-make patty recipe will be ideal for any burger or sandwich filling. This delectable recipe is made with straightforward fixings that are effectively accessible and is stacked with the integrity of kidney beans, tofu and lentils. Serve this tasty recipe with chutney of your decision or ketchup; either ways this yummy recipe will be cherished by all.

Sound Lentil Patty Recipe

One of the advantages of making this fast recipe is that it is incredibly sound and will be perfect for somebody who is attempting to take on a solid way of life. Match this firm recipe with a pipping hot cup of tea or espresso and relish the kinds of this mouth-watering patty recipe.

Elements of Healthy Lentil Patty

2 Servings
200 gm lentil
1 tablespoon spread
2 squeezes stew powder
2 squeezes salt
water as required
2 squeezes Italian flavoring
200 gm tofu
4 tablespoon red kidney beans
1/2 onion

Sound Lentil Patty Recipe

The most effective method to make Healthy Lentil Patty

Stage 1
Utilize a clean hacking board and slash onion. Keep it to the side until required further. In a cooker add water and lentil, heat up the lentil on medium fire. In another cooker,boil kidney beans on medium fire. Keep them to the side once finished.

Stage 2
Take blending bowl and add the cooked kidney beans followed by lentils, tofu, onion, Italian flavoring, stew powder and salt. Blend well.

Stage 3
Cautiously take little divides of the pre-arranged combination and smooth it out in a patty shape. Rehash a similar step with the excess combination.

Stage 4
Presently take a skillet and add spread to it. Put the container on medium fire and cook the patties until you see an earthy colored tone. Flip the patty to the opposite side and cook once more. Serve!

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