Sound Holi recipes

Sound Holi recipes

Sound Holi recipes. As we bid farewell to winters, we invite the celebration of varieties and food with a wide grin. All things considered, it’s Holi and what’s not to cherish about this lively celebration? Mouth-watering Gujiyas, Chilled Thandayi and the tones flying in the air enhances the merry energies and fills our spirits with satisfaction.

Sound Holi recipes

In India, any celebration is fragmented without a few sweet pleasures that fulfill the sweet tooth. In any case, while these rarities tempt the taste buds, they can harm your wellbeing.

Subsequent to being hit by the Covid wave, individuals have become more cognizant about their wellbeing and are presently zeroing in additional on sound other options. Remembering your wellbeing and the soul of Holi alive, we have for you a few flavorful recipes that will fulfill your sweet tooth without causing a mark in your wellness system.

Sound Holi recipes

Give A Healthy Twist To Your Holi Recipes
Praise the soul of Holi the solid way with these two recipes by Chef Sanjeev Kapoor.

Khus Kheer

Planning Time: 8-10 hours

Cooking Time: 25-30 minutes


cup poppy seeds (khus), drenched for the time being and depleted
2 tbsps + 2 cups milk
4 tablespoons rice, drenched
An enormous touch of saffron
3 low-calorie sugars drop
A spot of green cardamom powder
Whitened and cut almonds for decorating
Whitened and cut pistachios for decorating


Grind poppy seeds with three tbsps rice and two tbsps milk into a smooth glue.
Heat two cups of milk in a profound non-stick dish, add remaining rice and saffron, blend and heat to the point of boiling.
Add ground glue, blend well and cook, mixing constantly, for four-five minutes.

Add low-calorie sugars drops, blend well and cook till it thickens and rice and poppy seeds are completely cooked.
Add cardamom powder and blend well and stew for two-three minutes.
Serve hot embellished with almond and pistachio cuts.

Malai Peda

Planning Time: 10-15 minutes

Cooking Time: 35-40 minutes


1-liter entire milk
A couple of saffron strings
4 teaspoons milk
8 tablespoons low-calorie sugars
2 portions of citrus extract
1 teaspoon cornflour
teaspoon green cardamom powder
4-5 almonds, cleaved
7-8 pistachios, cleaved


Heat the milk to the point of boiling in a profound non-stick container. Cook, mixing constantly, for around twenty minutes, till it lessens to a portion of its unique volume.
Absorb the saffron two teaspoons of warm milk and add to the bubbling milk.

Add the low-calorie sugars and keep on cooking for four to five minutes.
Blend the citrus extract in one tablespoon of water and add step by step to the bubbling milk. Cook till the milk turns sour somewhat.

Blend the cornflour in with the leftover two teaspoons of milk and add to the skillet. Cook, blending ceaselessly, for around 45 minutes till the combination thickens and looks like khoya.
Add the cardamom powder and blend well.
Eliminate from intensity and put away to cool. Partition into sixteen equivalent divides and shape into round balls. Design with almonds and pistachios and serve.

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