Soji Paniyaram Recipe

Soji Paniyaram Recipe

Soji Paniyaram Recipe. In the event that you honestly love South Indian cooking, you would like this formula without a doubt!

This Rava Paniyaram is a mouth-watering dish that you can get ready for your friends and family in a jiffy.


Soji Paniyaram Recipe

All you want is semolina, yogurt, carrot, onion, green bean stew, curry leaves and coriander leaves.

This is a simple to-make dish and is customarily delighted in breakfast and bite.

It can be pressed for tiffin too for youngsters. Do attempt this simple formula!

How to make Rava Paniyaram

Stage 1

To set up this simple formula, take a combining bowl and blend as one rava (semolina)and yogurt.

Stage 2

In the rava blend, add ground carrot, hacked onion, green bean stew glue, new coriander leaves, asafoetida and salt.

Utilizing a spoon, blend well every one of the fixings.

Stage 3

Then, set up the treating.

For the equivalent, put a kadhai over medium fire and add oil in it.

When the oil is adequately hot, add mustard seeds in it alongside curry leaves.

Allow them to pop for a couple of moments.

Pour the tadka to the hitter and blend well.

Stage 4

Heat Paniyaram form and when the shape is sufficiently hot, apply a little oil in the shape.

Pour the rava player in 3/4 of the shape. Cover and cook for a few minutes in low fire.

Turn the paniyaram with a wooden spoon.

Turn on more than one occasion till it turns out to be light brown in shading.

Whenever it is done, move to a plate.

Stage 5

The paniyaram is fit to be served. Serve hot with coconut chutney.

Soji Paniyaram Recipe

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