Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf Recipe. Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf is a non-vegan recipe which is a flavorful shelter for all meat sweethearts. This Continental recipe stunningly adds an extraordinary curve to the customary meatloaf and raises the flavor remainder for the individuals who appreciate zesty food. It is exceptionally simple to-make and can be arranged utilizing straightforward fixings like ground turkey, salsa sauce, bread morsels and egg. This fundamental dish recipe has turkey meat amalgamated with lip-smacking flavors.

Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

This meat recipe can be savored best with tortillas and some green serving of mixed greens. Serve this one of its sort meat dish to your friends and family on extraordinary events like kitty party, game evening and pot karma. Feel free to prepare this yummy meatloaf now!

Elements of Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf

4 Servings
550 gm ground turkey meat
3/4 cup bread morsels
1 egg
1 1/2 cup salsa sauce
2 teaspoon virgin olive oil
For Seasoning
3/4 teaspoon garlic salt
1/4 teaspoon ground dark pepper
For Garnishing
coriander leaves

Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Salsa-covered Turkey Meatloaf

Stage 1
Shower a pie dish with cooking splash and keep it to the side. Take an enormous bowl, break the egg and add garlic salt alongside pepper. Whisk them together until it is yellow in variety.

Stage 2
Add turkey meat and bread morsels in the bowl. Throw the bowl well to blend the fixings. Add 1 cup of salsa sauce and blend the combination till every one of the fixings are all around covered with sauce. Move the combination to baking dish and utilize a spatula to level it to shape a thick portion layer.

Stage 3
Cover the meatloaf freely with wax paper and prepare at 160 degree Fahrenheit, until the meatloaf is at this point not pink. In the mean time take a little bowl, add oil and remaining salsa sauce. Combine them as one with a spoon.

Stage 4
Spread the salsa combination on top of the meatloaf and save it to the side for few moments. At the point when salsa blend gets somewhat consumed, embellish with coriander leaves. Cut into cuts and serve.

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