Sago Vadai Recipe

Sago Vadai Recipe

Sago Vadai Recipe. Indian celebrations are about festivals followed by strict works on, fasting and devouring and what adds on to this merry soul is the great food. On this favorable event of Pongal, here’s a basic yet intriguing formula made with sabudana or sago. A nibble formula can be made rapidly and filled in as a hors d’oeuvre. Sago vadai is a conventional South Indian formula that can be made on the event of Pongal.

Sago Vadai Recipe

This Sago Vada formula is speedy and simple to get ready and makes for a pleasant evening nibble to savor during vrat/diets. To make it seriously intriguing you can serve it with chutney.

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Attempt this incredibly flavorful Sago Vadai which is one of the most outstanding nibble formula for any quick/vrat. Made with pureed potatoes, broiled peanuts and bubbled sago(sabudana), it can likewise be ready as a morning meal formula. To set up this formula, follow the simple tasks and partake in a flavorful nibble with your loved ones as you praise your celebration.

Elements of Sago Vadai

4 Servings
1 cup sago
1 potato
3/4 teaspoon Sendha Namak
1/2 cup broiled peanuts
7 green stew
1 cup Refined oil

Sago Vadai Recipe

The most effective method to make Sago Vadai

Stage 1 Soak Sago and bubble it
Splash sago for 2-3 hours. Channel the water and bubble it.

Stage 2 Make a glue with bubbled sago and different fixings
Add bubbled sago, squashed potato, crushed green chillis, crunchy peanuts, sendha namak and make it a glue that has the consistency of toothpaste.

Stage 3 Prepare balls for sago vadai and broil them
Set the oil in a griddle on medium fire. Following two or three minutes fold the glue into little balls. Broil till they are fresh and light brown in variety. Present with green chutney.

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