Saboodana Cutlets Recipe

Saboodana Cutlets Recipe

Saboodana Cutlets Recipe. Saboodana Cutlets is a North Indian recipe made utilizing sago (saboodana) and potatoes. This nibble recipe is a flavorful dish to serve in kitty gatherings and commemorations. Attempt this simple hors d’oeuvre recipe at home!

Saboodana Cutlets Recipe

Elements of Saboodana Cutlets

5 Servings
1 cup sago
2 tablespoon hacked coriander leaves
1 tablespoon Sendha Namak
400 gm potato
2 teaspoon hacked green bean stew
1/2 cup ghee

Saboodana Cutlets Recipe

The most effective method to make Saboodana Cutlets

Stage 1
Splash the saboodana (sago) in water for 30 mins. Channel and put away.

Stage 2
Heat up the potatoes. Strip and crush them finely.

Stage 3
Add the splashed saboodana, green chilies, coriander and salt to the potatoes and blend well.

Stage 4
Partition the blend into 16 equivalent parts. Carry out each part into a log or a patty and shallow fry in medium hot oil till brilliant. Serve hot.

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