Rose Sharbat Recipe

Rose Sharbat Recipe

Rose Sharbat Recipe . This customary Doodh Sharbat is ready on extraordinary events.

Made for certain basic fixings, this heavenly thick and velvety sharbat is otherwise called Gulab sharbat and can be made in only a couple of moments.

Rose Sharbat

Rose Sharbat Recipe

You want a few straightforward fixings and you can set up this invigorating beverage in only a couple of moments.

Follow us through a few basic advances and nail this reviving bevergae.

How to make Doodh Sharbat

Stage 1 Prepare the rabri
To make this fast Muharram Doodh ka Sharbat. In any case, take 1 liter milk and add sugar to it and continue to mix until it turns thick.

When the milk Rabri turns thick and squashed almonds and cashews.

Stage 2 Blend the sharbat

Take a blender and add chilled milk, sugar, rose water, a sprinkle of cinnamon and Rabri.

Subsequent to mixing it once, add some Rooh Afza syrup (rose syrup) and chilled water.

Stage 3 Sharbat is prepared to savor

Mix the combination and include dry leafy foods, mix till it becomes thick, velvety and foamy.

Presently, take the serving glasses, add Rooh Afza, pour the sharbat and embellish with squashed dry products of the soil.

Rose Sharbat Recipe

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