Rooting for the Great ‘Green’ Indian Wedding 

Rooting for the Great ‘Green’ Indian Wedding 

Rooting for the Great ‘Green’ Indian Wedding ,

Green Indian Wedding 

When Aditya Aggarwal and Madhuri Balodi, citizens of East Delhi, determined to tie the knot in January ultimate yr, they were sure they desired to persuade clean from a critical marriage ceremony. The duo that lead a minimalist life-style were eager on hosting a sustainable birthday party. Aggarwal ditched the baraat—a marriage procession popular in some Indian communities.

Alternatively, the groom made a grand entry on a Yulu e-motorcycle. Another couple who desired a inexperienced wedding have been Sanjana Anand and Rishabh Gupta from Alaknanda. Anand and Gupta allow cross of the standard whim to have a sumptuous affair. Instead, they curated a plastic-unfastened and sustainable procession at their September wedding ceremony remaining year.

As the green wedding season resumes, we ask couples and wedding planners to listing some hints that permit you to plan sustainable nuptials.


Green gildings
Organising a lavish wedding—with a big level that is decorated the usage of plastic adornments is the reputation quo in India. However, some of people are upturning this by decreasing the usage of plastic and thermocol most effective to shift to green options. Anand embellished their venue with clean plant life as opposed to normal gildings.

Indraja Khare, co-founding father of Mumbai-based totally ‘Nose to Tail Events’ (the enterprise, which planned Anand’s wedding) stocks, “We used sparkling plants in out of 4 activities for Sanjana and Rishabh’s wedding ceremony. We tied-up with an company to whom we donated the used flowers, which they later used to make incense sticks and rangoli colors. We made certain that the plants were not wasted.” Balodi, on the other hand, took the DIY-route. “One of my friends helped us with the decorations [they used old glass bottles to decorate the venue]. Our buddies and own family members made newspaper buntings that were hung on the venue,” she shares.


An important detail in weddings is the outfit; no person desires to go wrong with it. While Balodi only offered two saris for her celebrations, Anand made it a point that every outfit worn at her wedding is reusable. “I wanted clothing that I could reuse. As Tamilians, we commonly put on the nine-yard sari. I chose some thing simpler that I can put on time and again. For my engagement, I wore my grandmother’s saree,” stocks Anand.

Curated, Conscious GIFTS
Gifting is a big a part of maximum celebrations, and the Indian wedding isn’t any one of a kind. However, maximum gifts are packed using plastic wrappers. Balodi, who designed her wedding card, revealed a particular request on it stating that people have to keep away from wearing plastic to her wedding. “I especially noted ‘please do not get any plastic wrappings.” People complied. In truth, they wrapped their items in newspaper and handmade sheets. No one used plastic.”

In a rustic like India, issues of starvation and undernourishment are rampant. In any such scenario, one must be aware and try to offset food wastage, mainly at weddings. If you’re unsure about how high-quality to obtain this, you may associate with enterprises that help acquire and distribute the excess meals—which would typically have been wasted—the various needy.

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