Roasted Dosa Recipe

Roasted Dosa Recipe

Rosted Dosa Recipe. Is it true that you are worn out on eating the standard dosa?

Indeed, for every one of the people who love trying different things with food and attempting new dishes, here is a dosa formula that you will unquestionably prefer to make at home! Here is the bit by bit formula of Quinoa Dosa, which is a tasty interpretation of the normal dosa.


Roasted Dosa Recipe

Quinoa is a nutritious grain, which contains every one of the fundamental amino acids that you really want, making it a phenomenal protein hotspot for veggie lovers and vegetarians.

It is a seriously flexible fixing and can ingest any flavors when cooked.

Quinoa is a sound substitute for rice yet, you must be cautious while cooking it as need might arise to be doused for the time being and depleted a few times until the boring substance is diminished.

This fresh dosa is arranged utilizing quinoa, urad dal and moong dal alongside somewhat salt and water.

Add bean stew, ginger-stew glue and cumin seeds to improve the taste.

This dosa formula is ideally suited for breakfast; in any case, you can appreciate it any time.

For some wind, you can likewise fill in ground coconut alongside bubbled potatoes to partake in a stuffed dosa.

Pair it up with hot sambhar and coconut chutney. Give this Fusion formula a shot events like kitty party, get-together and early lunch. Pack it for your child’s tiffin by stuffing it with the fixings that your youngsters like to eat and look how they gorge on it over and over.

Make it for your family breakfast and they will ask you for additional.

All in all, what are you sitting tight for? Attempt this simple formula and appreciate with your loved ones!

Dosa is an inconceivable piece of South Indian cooking and is by and large pre-arranged utilizing splashed rice, which is crushed to a fine glue.

With this rice glue, the player is ready for dosa and it is then equitably spread on the tawa.

Aside from the conventional dosa types, there has been many varieties that you can attempt at home and this dosa formula is one of them.

A few instances of dosa varieties are: Beetroot Dosa, Quinoa Dosa, Tomato Dosa, Bread Dosa and Spinach Dosa.

How to make Quinoa Dosa

Stage 1 Soak both the dals with quinoa for as long as 4 hours

To set up this yummy dosa formula, wash together urad and moong dal in a bowl.

Then, wash the quinoa with water and blend in the dal bowl.

Add water to the bowl and drench the threesome for as long as 4 hours.

Stage 2 Prepare the dosa hitter by mixing the dal-quinoa blend

In the wake of splashing, channel the additional water and add the combination to a blender container. Mix the blend utilizing a little water to make the player of dosa.

Add somewhat salt to this hitter according as you would prefer and make a smooth dosa player.

Stage 3 Prepare the Quinoa Dosa

Subsequent to setting up the hitter, heat a non-leave skillet on medium fire and smear it with a little oil (You can likewise utilize a dosa tawa for making them).

Utilizing a spoon, spread the hitter in the skillet in a roundabout movement and cook briefly. Flip the opposite side and smear again with a little oil.

Once the dosa is cooked to an earthy tint, move to a plate. Rehash with the method to make all the more such dosas. Present with sambhar and chutney.

Roasted Dosa Recipe

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