Red Velvet Cheese Wheel Recipe

Red Velvet Cheese Wheel Recipe

Red Velvet Cheese Wheel Recipe. Give your accomplice a sweet shock this Valentine’s with this Red Velvet Cheese Wheel recipe that preferences delectable. Made with regular baking flour, mascarpone sauce and egg, this treat recipe will give your taste buds a heavenly encounter. Attempt this sweet dish recipe!

Red Velvet Cheese Wheel Recipe

Elements of Red Velvet Cheese Wheel

2 Servings
25 gm regular baking flour
25 gm sugar
40 gm icing sugar
1 egg
5 ml vanilla embodiment
2 gm cake gel

For Garnishing
1 tablespoon whipped cream
2 twigs mint leaves

For The Main Dish
5 gm eatable food tone
60 gm new cream
40 gm mascarpone cheddar

Red Velvet Cheese Wheel Recipe

Instructions to make Red Velvet Cheese Wheel

Stage 1
Add egg, maida, sugar, red velvet tone and icing sugar in a planetary blender and make a decent mixture.

Stage 2
Then, at that point, make a cake base for the wheel. For that cook this batter in broiler for 25 minutes and let it cool for something like 3 hours.

Stage 3
Cut it with blade in slender cuts. Then blend mascarpone cheddar, cream, vanilla quintessence and icing sugar together in a little bowl.

Stage 4
Roll it like haggle in the ice chest for about 60 minutes.

Stage 5
Decorate well with whipped cream and mint leaves, serve chilled.

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