Red Bean Curd Porridge Recipe

Red Bean Curd Porridge Recipe

Red Bean Curd Porridge Recipe. Initially from Korea, Red Bean Porridge is a yummy porridge formula which is very warm and lip-smacking.

This Asian formula is arranged utilizing red kidney beans, rice flour and sugar. This morning meal formula is not difficult to-put forth and doesn’t consume a lot of attempt and time.

Red Bean

Red Bean Curd Porridge Recipe

You can set up this sound formula for your precious ones on exceptional events like kitty gatherings and game evenings.

Red bean porridge is incredibly warm and scrumptious; and is served most in winter season.

This thick porridge is certainly intended to be imparted to loved ones. Set up this delicious porridge now and relish it on chilly winter nights with your friends and family. Appreciate!

How to make Red Bean Porridge

Stage 1

Take a huge bowl, add sufficient water and red beans in it. Wash the beans completely and channel water. Move beans to a little bowl and wipe off them.

Take a pan, add 2 cups of water and hotness it over medium fire. Whenever water begins to bubble, add beans in dish.

Bubble them over medium fire until beans are delicate.

Stage 2

Eliminate from fire and put it to the side to cool. At the point when beans are adequately warm to deal with, place a coarse sifter over an enormous holder and empty cooked beans into the sifter.

Take a spoon and pound the beans with the goal that they just barely get through the sifter.

Stage 3

Move the bean blend to a profound dish and keep it to the side. Take a medium bowl and add some rice flour in it.

Sprinkle salt and sugar in the bowl and pour bubbled water in it. Massage the blend to shape a delicate mixture.

Cover the mixture with a sodden material and put it away.

Stage 4

Heat the bean blend over medium fire for 5 minutes. In the interim, take a little part of mixture in your palm and make a little rice ball.

Rehash to make the leftover rice balls.

Sprinkle some rice flour on the off chance that they get tacky.

Whenever bean combination begins to bubble, delicately drop rice balls in container.

Red Bean Curd Porridge Recipe

Stage 5

Mix to blend the fixings well and cover skillet with a top.

Stew for 10 minutes until porridge thickens.

Season well with salt and dark pepper powder.

Eliminate from fire, move to a serving bowl and serve hot.

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