Ratalchya Kees Recipe

Ratalchya Kees Recipe

Ratalchya Kees Recipe

Ratalchya Kees is a conventional Maharashtrian recipe that will give your taste buds chills. This delicious recipe is extremely simple to make and will compensate for an extraordinary side dish recipe. Made with the decency of yam, broiled peanuts and ground coconuts this recipe will be perfect for somebody who is attempting to watch their weight.

Ratalchya Kees

Ratalchya Kees Recipe

The pleasantness of potatoes blended in with the zest of green and red chillies, will provide you with an explosion of flavors that you wouldn’t have had previously. Yam is a rich wellspring of nutrient A,vitamin C and vitamin B6 alongside potassium and manganese.

So this dish isn’t simply scrumptious yet additionally stacked with supplements. Present this lip smacking recipe on unique events like kitty, potluck and smorgasbords and partake in every single flavor it brings to the table with your loved ones.

You can likewise pack this dish for lunch and have it as an in the middle between work chomp. Serve this tasteful recipe with some chilled curd and partake in your languid end of the week. So dazzle your loved ones with this exemplary recipe and continue to take those commendations.

Follow this simple recipe to make this dish in 2o minutes.

Elements of Ratalchya Kees

2 enormous yam
1/2 teaspoon cumin seeds
1 tablespoon coriander leaves
2 teaspoon juice of 1 lemon
2 green stew
2 tablespoon broiled peanuts
1/2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon ground coconut
1 teaspoon sugar
2 tablespoon ghee

Instructions to make Ratalchya Kees

Stage 1 Grate yam

To set up this recipe start with taking a few washed yams and mesh them. Keep them to the side.

Stage 2 Saute cumin and green chillies. Add the potatoes

Presently add a few ghee in a profound lined vessel and add some cumin seeds and cleaved green bean stew. Cook till the cumin seeds begin to splutter. Then, at that point, to a similar dish add a few ground yams and persistently mix the blend. In the event that they combination is running out of dampness, simply add a drop or two of water.

Stage 3 Add simmered peanuts, sugar and salt

Next add the powdered simmered peanuts, sugar and salt and cover the container with a top and cook until blend runs out of dampness once more and becomes dry.

Stage 4 Add coconut, lemon squeeze and serve

Presently add the ground coconut and slashed coriander leaves and blend well. On the top add a few lemon squeeze and blend. Serve the dish hot.

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