Putharekulu Recipe

Putharekulu Recipe

Putharekulu Recipe. Putharekulu is a famous South Indian treat which is known for its paper slight surface. It has a somewhat fascinating method of readiness, as it is made by plunging a tissue in the liquidy hitter and spread it on an upset kadhai. The tissue is then quickly eliminated to leave a stain of hitter on the kadhai. The hot kadhai makes it paper dainty and fresh.

Putharekulu Recipe

Later ghee and sugar is sprinkled on it and Putharekulu is collapsed to make rolls. You can likewise add squashed dry natural products prior to collapsing to make it more delectable. Along these lines, ensure you truly do attempt this interesting South indian recipe something like once.

Elements of Putharekulu

4 Servings
100 gm rice
4 tablespoon sugar
50 ml water
4 teaspoon ghee

Putharekulu Recipe

Instructions to make Putharekulu

Stage 1 Soak rice
Wash, right off the bat, rice 2-3 times and absorb it water for somewhere around 2 hours.

Stage 2 Grind to shape player
Presently ideally utilize a wet processor, add drenched rice alongside water. Grind till the hitter turns out to be truly delicate.

Stage 3 Heat the pot
Presently keep a pot in a rearranged position on an oven and let it heat.

Stage 4 Use a material to make Putharekulu
Presently take the player, add more water to make the hitter of running consistency. Presently dunk a fabric in it appropriately. The size of a tissue is great for the reason.

Stage 5 Make rice sheets
Presently oil the posterior of the pot/kadhai with ghee. Spread the plunged hanky on the pot and immediately eliminate it. This will cover the kadhai with a slight poop of player.

Stage 6 Remove when fresh
The sheet will become firm in a jiffy. Once fresh, eliminate it. Rehash the methodology to make more Putharekulu.

Stage 7 Softening the sheets
Presently take two rice sheets, put them on top of each other and spot a wet cloth on them to relax. This will effectively assist with collapsing them without breaking.

Stage 8 Sprinkle sugar
Presently spread a teaspoon of ghee on the sheets and sprinkle 1 tbsp sugar uniformly. Once done, crease every one of the sides inwards to shape a rectangular Putharekulu. Once done, overlap from one side to set up a roll.

Stage 9 Serve
Rehash the strategy with the extra hitter and get ready collapsed rolls of Putharekulu.

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