Pudina Paratha Recipe

Pudina Paratha Recipe

Pudina Paratha Recipe. Parathas are an exceptionally flexible dish that can be made in such countless various ways. They can be made with different fillings and taste yummy these ways. Probably the best one are Pudina Prathas, which taste lip-smacking. These parathas are perfect to be made for breakfast to be presented with some yogurt, raita, achaar or some tea.

Pudina Paratha Recipe

These parathas are very reviving too since they have that delightful smell of mint leaves. These parathas are likewise perfect to be made as a tiffin recipe to guarantee that your child is eating a sound as well as a healthy supper. On the off chance that you are intending to take a train venture or go on an excursion or an outing then, at that point, pressing some these parathas would be smart.

You could make these with for lunch or supper and serve them with any sabzi of your decision. So the thing are you hanging tight for, get a few mint avoids with regard to the ice chest and get cooking. These light parathas prepare quickly. Simply follow the means given underneath and you will have your own personal Pudina Parathas.

Elements of Pudina Paratha

6 Servings
1 cup Wheat flour
200 gm mint leaves
3 tablespoon refined oil
1 teaspoon salt

Pudina Paratha Recipe

The most effective method to make Pudina Paratha

Stage 1 Roast mint leaves and drudgery
To make your own personal Pudina Parathas, the initial step is to cook the mint leaves. For that, take a skillet and intensity it. Put the mint leaves in the container and meal for about a moment. Then, at that point, take the simmered leaves and put them in a processor. Grind them to make a fine powder.

Stage 2 Make a delicate batter
Presently take the wheat flour in a profound bowl, add the mint powder and a teaspoon of salt. Empty some water and ply into a delicate mixture.

Stage 3 Make little balls
Once finished, try to cover this mixture. Allow it to sit for around 15 mins. After 15 mins have passed, make little wads of the mixture. Utilizing a moving pin, fold them into parathas of the size you like.

Stage 4 Fry the parathas
For searing the parathas so made, take a tawa and heat it. Put some oil on the tawa. Then put the paratha on it and brush it with oil on both side. Pleasantly fry the parathas on the two sides until they become brilliant brown in variety.

Stage 5 Serve
Your Pudina Parathas are fit to be served. Ensure you attempt this flavorful recipe, rate it and leave your remarks in the part underneath.

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