Pro The Durga Puja Look

Pro The Durga Puja Look

Pro The Durga Puja Look

Durga Puja is about festivals, pandal jumping, supplications and flavorful food. It’s in a real sense the season when you go out on the town to shop for your #1 items however you want to likewise guarantee that you nail your Durga Puja look with the right outfit and cosmetics.

We got visiting with TV character and excellence powerhouse Ritwika Gupta to figure out how she experts her Durga Puja look year on year. Ritwika, who additionally is Bengali, shares that it is vital to design examines advance.

According to she, “you would rather not be passed on befuddled on the actual day about what to wear or how to do up your hair and cosmetics. Along these lines, it’s vital to begin getting ready from at minimum a month ahead of time”.

Durga Puja

Pro The Durga Puja Look

Bengali sari

Ritwika’s go-to furnish for Durga Puja is the conventional white sari with red line. According to she, “It looks so illustrious yet so straightforward and makes any lady look delightful”.

Ritwika shares there are various kinds of saris one can choose. The most well known ones are Kosa Silk which has a rich surface and extravagant feel to it, tant which is clear, produced using cotton strings and is agreeable to wear, Dhakai Jamdhani, made involving fine Muslin texture and exceptionally great and Kantha Silk which oozes an emanation of refinement and looks dynamic.

Make Up

To make any cosmetics look, Ritwika feels that it’s vital to initially begin with a decent groundwork and establishment. “That resembles the foundation of your cosmetics. Along these lines, you really want to pick a groundwork which can diminish the size of pores and give a smooth material.

From that point onward, apply an underpinning of your decision that works out in a good way for your complexion. For daytime, keep the establishment lightweight. Apply free powder to make the base last longer lastly, utilize a shape range to characterize form lines and make an etched cosmetics look.”

Ritwika says that the main part of a Durga Puja look is the eye cosmetics and offers that “For Bengali ladies like me, everything without a doubt revolves around the eyes.” as far as eye shadow, she suggests utilizing delicate and unbiased shades like beige, light pink, or matte brown for a daytime look and for night, a burning hot bronze shade or smokey eyes are magnificent choices.

With regards to kajal and eye liner, she shares that it’s essential to put resources into a decent, colored and smirch resistant eye pencil or fluid liner and mascara. As far as application, Ritwika says it’s all in the more modest subtleties – “I generally apply kajal to both my upper waterline and lower waterline of my eyes to make them look greater.

Now and again, I even apply kajal to the external edges of the lower covers to make an emotional impact. I likewise love the winged liner look and for that, I incline toward utilizing an extreme dark eyeliner lastly, finish my eye cosmetics with a mascara that adds volume to my lashes.”

That’s what ritwika trusts to allow the eyes to communicate everything, then, at that point, it’s ideal to settle on a bare lipstick conceal. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you could do without naked shades, then, at that point, decide on a pleasant sweet coral during the day and a dark red lip conceal which works out positively for your outfits around evening time.

Hair and frill

As far as hair, Ritwika says she favors leaving her hair down with ocean side waves however some of the time, a sleek updo can likewise look stunning with sarees. Lastly coming to embellishments, Bengalis love gold gems to supplement their sarees, however Ritwika feels the lesser, the better.

“Indeed, I love to keep my gems moderate – perhaps a couple of large jhumkas and bangles. This is so my cosmetics and saree stick out. In any case, indeed, one thing I won’t ever miss is my red bindi which is really crucial for complete any customary Bengali search for Durga Puja.

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