Potato Bajra Pancakes Recipe

Potato Bajra Pancakes Recipe

Potato Bajra Pancakes Recipe. Flapjacks produced using potatoes and bajra are sound as well as totally heavenly nibble to crunch on! Potato Bajra Pancakes morning meal formula is livened up with coriander leaves, onions, cumin seeds and bean stew glue to give it that hot touch. Potato Bajra Pancakes formula is a simple to-make dish with that doesn’t need quite a bit of a work. It is as yet prompted not to race through the cooking system on the grounds that these flapjacks require able measure of time to be appropriately cooked.

Potato Bajra Pancakes

4 potato
1 huge cleaved onion
3 tablespoon cleaved coriander leaves
salt as required
4 tablespoon dark millet flour
1 teaspoon squashed to glue green stew
1 teaspoon cumin seeds
2 tablespoon vegetable oil

Potato Bajra Pancakes Recipe

Stage 1 Mix every one of the fixings
To set up this yummy hotcake formula, strip and mesh the potatoes in a bowl. In a similar bowl, add bajra, onions, coriander, bean stew glue and cumin seeds into it. Combine them all as one.

Stage 2 Heat a dish and oil it
Take a little container and oil it and hotness it on a medium fire. Empty the player into the dish to make medium measured flapjacks.

Stage 3 Cook and serve
Cook them on sluggish fire till the hotcakes become brilliant brown in shading from both the sides. Serve right away.

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