Potato and Corn Soup Recipe

Potato and Corn Soup Recipe

Potato and Corn Soup Recipe. This Potato and Corn Soup formula is an ideal canapé which one should remember for their menu for the following end of the week party. It’s enthusiastically prescribed to have this soup formula with bread sticks to savor it in a superior manner. You can likewise finish off it with the ground cheddar and pepper to have a little messy yet fiery flavor.

This soup formula is the most ideal for winter season since it keeps you warm from within. Additionally, in the event that you have some left over chicken from the previous evening’s dinner, you can add it in the soup for an additional a substantial taste. This soup formula is exceptionally simple to plan at home since it has just a modest bunch of fixings and the lip-it is ensured in each spoonful to smack goodness!

Potato and Corn Soup Recipe

Ingerdients for making Potato and Corn Soup Recipe

2 cup American corn bits
2 tablespoon margarine
1 garlic
salt as required

1 teaspoon yellow pepper
1 teaspoon chives
3 potato
2 onion

oregano as required
bean stew pieces as required
1 teaspoon parsley

Potato and Corn Soup Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Potato and Corn Soup Recipe

Stage 1
In a medium measured container, heat spread over medium fire. Once hot, add the slashed onions to it and saute till they seem clear. Presently, add corns to similar dish and cook till they become delicate.

Stage 2
Add finely slashed garlic, oregano, yellow pepper, cleaved potatoes and water to the dish. Bubble it for at some point. Once bubbled, move the combination into a blender and mix it well. Bubble it indeed.

Stage 3
Your Potato and Corn Soup is presently prepared. Decorate it with parsley and chives and serve hot in a soup bowl.

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