Popular Fried Salad Recipe

Popular Fried Salad Recipe

Popular Fried Salad Recipe. Sautéed Salad is one of the astounding servings of mixed greens that you can get ready for your lunch and partake in the yummy taste.

This salad formula is incredibly sound and is very flavourful.

Fried Salad

Popular Fried Salad Recipe

Made with negligible oil, this salad is a supper in itself and can be delighted in lunch/supper too with a bread of your decision.

How to make Stir Fried Salad

Stage 1

For making this yummy plate of mixed greens formula, heat 1 tablespoon olive oil in a non-stick container over low-medium fire and add the brinjals.

Pan sear them for around 3-4 minutes till earthy colored patches show up on them.

Stage 2

Bring down the hotness, cover and cook the brinjals for about a moment till every one of the pieces are cooked yet firm.

When done, eliminate them from container to an enormous bowl.

Stage 3

In a similar dish, heat 1 tablespoon of olive oil on medium fire and when its hot, add zucchini.

Pan sear the Zucchini 3D shapes for around 2-3 minutes.

Then, at that point, diminish the hotness, cover the container and cook till marginally delicate however firm.

Eliminate to another bowl.

Stage 4

Then, at that point, heat the leftover oil in a similar container and add garlic in it.

Mix them for few moments and add onion, capsicum, red pepper and cabbage.

Stage 5

Pan sear these vegetables for around 2 minutes till very much covered in oil.

Eliminate them to a similar bowl with brinjal and zucchini.

Then, add cleaved olives to the pan-seared vegetables.

Stage 6

In a cup, blend vinegar, salt, pepper and oregano and set up the plate of mixed greens dressing.

Pour this dressing over the sautéed salad and prepare them well.

Popular Fried Salad Recipe

Stage 7

Cover the bowl with a wrap and chill.

Serve the sautéed salad cold or at room temperature.

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