Pierogi Recipe

Pierogi Recipe

Pierogi Recipe. Pierogi are conventional dumplings made by folding mixture over the fillings or stuffing of various fixings. It is not difficult to-make and easy to cook and can be presented with a garnish of softened margarine or harsh creme. These dumplings can be served on any event!

Pierogi Recipe

Elements of Pierogi

2 Servings
2 egg
1/2 cup water
1 tablespoon spread
100 gm cheddar

1/2 cup bacon
1 1/2 teaspoon salt
cheeselings as required
2 potato

1 cup onion shallot
For Dough
4 cup flour

Pierogi Recipe

The most effective method to make Pierogi

Stage 1 Combine the fixings to get ready dumpling mixture
Right off the bat, set up the mixture by putting the flour in a huge bowl. Add eggs, salt and half cup of cold water in a cup and beat well. Add this multitude of fixings to the flour and blend in with your hands until mixed. Gradually blend in the leftover water as required.

Stage 2 Pour in spread to expand the perfection of the mixture
Add the margarine and work it until there are no bumps and it becomes smooth. This ought to require 15 minutes. Cover and refrigerate the batter for something like 1 hour or allow it to sit for a day for improved results.

Stage 3 Prepare the dumplings
Carry out slender sheets from the batter and fill them with crushed potato and cheddar blend and keep to the side.

Stage 4 Pan-fry the dumplings and serve
In a skillet, take a few oil and intensity it on medium fire. Throw in the cleaved onion shallots and mix until brown. Then add hacked bacon and whenever that is done, place the dumplings cautiously in the skillet. Serve hot!

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