Pickert Recipe

Pickert Recipe

Pickert Recipe. Pickert is a German Pancake or Dumpling recipe. It is generally presented with salted spread, liver hotdog or jam. It is a simple to-make, fast, solid and mouth watering recipe. To start, followour bit by bit recipe beneath!

Pickert Recipe

Elements of Pickert

4 Servings
10 ground potato
4 egg
1 teaspoon salt
1 gm dry yeast
320 gm flour
4 tablespoon sugar
1/4 liter milk
2 cup raisins

Pickert Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Pickert

Stage 1 Start preparing the Pickert blend
Blend potatoes, sugar, eggs, salt and flour. Then again, break down yeast in warm milk.

Stage 2 Add rasins to the blend
Presently blend this milk combination in with ground potato combination. Presently dust 1 cup raisins with flour and blend it in the combination. Allow the batter to cool for 45 minutes until it pairs in its size.

Stage 3 Make the Pickert and serve
Heat oil in a container and prepare hotcake size Pickert until brilliant brown. Your Pickert is prepared to serve.

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