Paneer Kalakand Recipe

Paneer Kalakand Recipe

Paneer Kalakand Recipe. Basic and soften in-mouth, Kalakand is one of the well known sweet dishes that you can appreciate on famous celebrations. This pastry can likewise be appreciated when you are fasting as it’s ready with paneer and milk powder. Thus, here goes the simple formula of making Paneer Kalakand that is astounding in taste. Do attempt to tell us your criticism in the remark box beneath.

Paneer Kalakand is quite possibly the most popular Indian sweet formula. Be it any event this delightful sweet is an unquestionable requirement. Kalakand is exceptionally made during celebrations utilizing paneer (curds), cardamom powder, new cream, milk powder, almonds and pistachios.

Paneer Kalakand Recipe

You can try not to utilize dry natural products in the event that you could do without them or add additional nuts assuming you love them. You can undoubtedly get ready Kalakand at home and it will in any case taste lip-smacking. Serve this sweet dish well known celebrations and exceptional events, and your visitors will cherish it without a doubt.

Elements for making Paneer Kalakand Recipe

5 cup paneer
2 cup sugar
3 cup milk powder
1 teaspoon powdered green cardamom
3 cup new cream

For Garnishing
2 tablespoon squashed gently almonds
3 tablespoon squashed gently pistachios

Paneer Kalakand Recipe

Instructions to make Paneer Kalakand Recipe

Stage 1 Add the fixings to a skillet
First and foremost, take a profound lined container, keep it on medium fire and add ground paneer, sugar, new cream, milk powder.

Stage 2 Keep blending and cook well
Blend well and cook for 20 minutes. Continue blending to keep away from the consuming of combination. Once done, eliminate from fire and add cardamom powder.

Stage 3 Grease a thali with ghee
Take a major thali and oil it with ghee/oil. Pour in the blend in the thali.

Stage 4 Spread squashed almonds and pistas
Spread the almond and pistachios fragments on the blend and ensure they adhere to the combination appropriately.

Stage 5 Freeze and cut later
Freeze the combination take an appropriate shape. Cut into pieces and serve. Ensure you attempt this simple formula, rate it and leave your remarks in the part underneath.

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