Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe. Searching for a yummy chicken sandwich, then attempt this colorful Open face Chicken sandwich, which you can make in only a couple of moments so follow us through this simple plans!

Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe is a very simple and speedy sandwich formula that you can get ready for your loved ones on any event, Open-face Chicken Sandwich is really scrumptious and would be adored by all! You can make this Continental formula on any event in minutes, and it will not need a lot of your time. It’s a flexible dish that you can appreciate in breakfast or lunch, and is arranged utilizing bubbled and destroyed chicken, mayonnaise, white bread, cucumber, bubbled eggs, and mustard glue.

Fixings to make Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe

10 cuts white bread
2 numbers sliced,boiled egg
2 tablespoon mustard glue
salt as required
2 cup boiled,shredded chicken
1 cut cucumber
4 tablespoon ketchup
6 tablespoon mayonnaise
powdered dark pepper as required

Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Opened Chicken Sandwich Recipe

Stage 1 Cut the bread cuts

Wash and cut the veggies and keep them to the side. Meanwhile, cut the bread cuts with huge round shaper or you can involve the bread as you like.

Stage 2 Make the sandwich spread

Take a bowl and combine as one mayonnaise, mustard sauce, ketchup, salt, and dark pepper. Add the bubbled and destroyed chicken in the blended sauces and blend well.

Stage 3 Make the open sandwich

Put a piece of cut cucumber on each cut and spread the pre-arranged chicken filling on the bread cuts.

Stage 4 Place a cut egg bubble and enjoy

Put cut bubbled egg piece on top and sprinkle dark pepper powder on top.


You can add red chime pepper, cheddar, and cilantro on top for more taste.
You can include some ground curds to make it seriously tempting!

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