Onion and Carrot Uttapam Recipe

Onion and Carrot Uttapam Recipe

Onion and Carrot Uttapam Recipe. Carrot Uttapam is a straightforward South Indian delicacy, which is ready with dosa or idli player finished off with heaps of ground carrots and onions.

It is extraordinary when you need to manage fastidious children who are continually alarming you while practicing good eating habits.

Onion and Carrot

Onion and Carrot Uttapam Recipe

So for those fussy eaters, we present before you a simple and basic formula of carrot uttapam.

This extravagance would guarantee taste but not split the difference of the strength of the children.

Known to be a thicker rendition of dosas, carrot uttapam ends up being an ideal breakfast, lunch or even an astounding evening nibble.

Whether you need to welcome your companions over for a party or you are facilitating an astounding game evening, this dish would be the ideal one for every single event and occasions.

In the event that you are exhausted of those equivalent, old uttapam, simply add a hint of carrots and onions and watch the pleasantness level going up.

What adds to the fervor is the spot of green chillies and coriander leaves which elevates the taste and watch everyone wolf down the very yummy dish in no time.

So let us both head to your kitchen and you begin setting up the dish, while we teach you on every last detail.

Carrot uttapam tastes best with sambhar, joined by coconut chutney or zesty tomato chutney, and obviously, you loved ones as well.

How to make Carrot Uttapam

Stage 1 Heat the iron and cleave vegetables

Heat the frying pan. In the interim, slash the vegetables and keep them to the side.

Stage 2 Spread the dosa player, add vegetables

After the iron warms up, on it, spread the dosa player as a circle. Ensure it is a piece thick. Sprinkle the cleaved vegetables on the hitter.

Stage 3 Add refined oil and cook

Smear the plate formed dosa hitter with 1 tsp of refined oil. Allow it to cook on a medium fire.

Stage 4 Flip over and cook the opposite side

Once cooked,the circle will become brilliant brown.

Flip over and splash refined oil on the opposite side of the plate. Let this side cook.

Onion and Carrot Uttapam Recipe

Stage 5 Serve with sambhar and chutney

After both the sides are cooked, move the uttapam onto a plate and serve hot and new with sambhar, coconut chutney or fiery tomato chutney.

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