Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe

Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe

Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe. Longing for something heavenly yet simple, then, at that point, this generous chicken meal can satisfy your desires as well as your foodie soul. Made with the integrity of Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe, this delicacy is a treat for taste buds. You simply need a couple of fixings set up to nail Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe simple formula.

Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe

The best thing around a one pot feast is that you don’t have to set up a ton of delights, simply add your number one fixings in the right extent and flavors according to your inclination and you are all set! Thus, without a further ado simply attempt this generous chicken and olive meal and charm your friends and family with your culinary abilities.

This chicken formula is an ideal Sunday informal breakfast or you can likewise serve it as a piece of your extravagant supper menu. Along these lines, put on your gourmet specialist’s cap and get everything rolling!

Elements of Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe

21 pitted dark olives
1 cup tomato puree
6 onion
10 chicken drumsticks
6 potato
salt as required

For Marination

3 tablespoon additional virgin olive oil
1/2 cup red wine
10 cloves squashed garlic
1 teaspoon paprika powder

For Garnishing

1 modest bunch parsley

Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Olives and Chicken Casserole Recipe

Stage 1 Wash the chicken
To make this simple dish, start with washing and cleaning the chicken drumsticks, whenever they are washed, channel off the overabundance water and wipe off them. Meanwhile, wash and hack the veggies and cut the potatoes.

Stage 2 Marinade the chicken
In a baking dish or goulash, set up a marinade of olive oil, garlic cloves, salt, paprika powder and wine. Rub it over the pre-arranged chicken drumsticks and let the chicken marinate in the fridge for some time.

Stage 3 Place every one of the fixings and prepare flawlessly!
Take out the marinated chicken and add every one of the excess fixings with the exception of parsley. Line the potatoes close by chicken and prepare the blend in a pre-warmed broiler at 200 degree Celsius covered for 30 minutes and uncovered for 25 minutes. Ensure that chicken and potatoes are cooked well.

Stage 4 Garnish with parsley and serve hot!
Take out the chicken dish and enhancement with branches of new parsley. Serve hot with hard bread or on a bed of steamed rice.Note: If you are partial to cheddar and need to make this dish considerably more liberal, then grind mozzarella cheddar and top the goulash with it. When the cheddar dissolves it will give your dish a rich surface.

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