Odiya Sweet Pancakes Recipe

Odiya Sweet Pancakes Recipe

Odiya Sweet Pancakes Recipe. Indian moms and grandmas have a propensity for preparing great dinners and treats on events of their little girl’s/child’s homecoming. One such decision for pastries can be of a flapjack, cooked with kitchen cordial fixings. This Odiya Sweet Pancake recipe is made with improved urad dal and idli rice implanted with ground coconut and colorful flavors.

Odiya Sweet Pancakes Recipe

It is an ideal finger food to give a genuine zing to your sweet-tooth desires. Praise it with a savoring blistering refreshment to finish your everyday chomping and partake in this warm crunchy nibble on cold winter mornings. It very well may be topped up with some nursery new honey which can make this home-made breakfast recipe totally overpowering!

Elements of Odiya Sweet Pancakes

8 Servings
1 cup doused for the time being urad dal
5 peppercorns
1/2 cup jaggery
1 teaspoon salt
2 cup idli rice
2 dark cardamom

1/4 cup slashed coconut
2 tablespoon ghee
For Toppings
1 teaspoon honey

Odiya Sweet Pancakes Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Odiya Sweet Pancakes

Stage 1
Flush and wash the doused urad dal and idli rice together to eliminate any pollutions. Grind the absorbed dal and rice a blender to make a thick glue. Save the hitter to the side for several hours for the maturation.

Stage 2
After this, grind the peppercorns and cardamom together and add them to the urad dal and rice player. Add a squashed jaggery to a similar player. Grind the coconut and add it to the combination alongside the salt. Whisk well with the goal that every one of the fixings are consolidated appropriately.

Stage 3
Heat a dish and add ghee to it. Then pour around 2 spoon of player into the skillet and spread it well to get a round molded figure. Cook over medium fire until one side becomes fresh and brilliant. Flip the hitter and cook on the opposite side. Top it up with some honey, and serve hot!

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