Oats and Aloo Chapati Recipe

Oats and Aloo Chapati Recipe

Oats and Aloo Chapati Recipe. Assuming you are hoping to give a solid contort to your exhausting chapatis then you have come to the perfect locations. Oats and Aloo Chapati is a solid method for making your chapatis, stuffing oats in your customary aloo chapatis expands its in general nutritious worth. For individuals who are attempting to embrace a better way of life then, at that point, adding this to your everyday dinners would be really smart.

Oats and Aloo Chapati Recipe

In any event, for individuals who are wanting to get in shape, subbing their normal rotis with this one would assist them with accomplishing their objective.

This chapati is great to be served for breakfast with any sauce of your decision. It makes for an incredible tiffin formula also to give your children a decent supper. You could involve it as the bread assuming that you are intending to make a wrap as opposed to utilizing maida bread.

This chapati is sound and furthermore simultaneously doesn’t think twice about the taste part of aloo chapati. So the thing are you sitting tight for, give your standard suppers a nutritive bend. Simply follow the means given underneath and have your own special Oats and Aloo Chapati.

Elements of Oats and Aloo Chapati

5 Servings
1/2 cup powdered oats
200 gm wheat flour
2 squeezes salt
100 gm boiled,mashed potato
3/4 cup milk
1/2 cup Refined oil

Oats and Aloo Chapati Recipe

The most effective method to make Oats and Aloo Chapati

Stage 1
To make this sound chapati, crush the oats into a fine powder. Blend this powder in the flour.

Stage 2
Presently add the pureed potatoes, sprinkle some salt and begin manipulating into a thick mixture utilizing some warm milk.

Stage 3
Structure this batter into little balls, straighten them. Utilizing a moving pin, fold them into parathas.

Stage 4
Take a tawa and heat it over a medium fire. Put the parathas and brush them with some oil on the two sides. Cook until the parathas become brown.

Stage 5
Your Oats and Aloo Chapati are fit to be served.

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