Oat Meal Cookies Recipe

Oat Meal Cookies Recipe

Oat Meal Cookies Recipe. Individuals who like to crunch on in the middle of between their suppers to fulfill their food desires, attempt these Oat Meal Cookies which are better and scrumptious. Prepared with oat dinner or rollled oats, regular flour, pecans and eggs, these treats are not difficult to-make and would be adored by children and grown-ups both!

Oat Meal Cookies Recipe

Elements of Oat Meal Cookies

8 Servings
300 gm moved oats
2 egg
5 ml vanilla pith
100 gm sugar
1/4 teaspoon baking powder
50 gm cleaved pecans

For The Main Dish
100 gm spread
125 gm regular flour

Oat Meal Cookies Recipe

Instructions to make Oat Meal Cookies

Stage 1
Pre-heat the OTG at 170 degree Celsius for around four minutes.

Stage 2
In a huge bowl, cream together the spread and sugar until smooth.

Stage 3
Beat in eggs each in turn and afterward mix in vanilla. Join the flour, baking pop, and mix into the creamed combination just until they mix.

Stage 4
Blend in the moved oats or cereal and pecans. Drop by storing spoonful’s onto non-lubed baking sheets.

Stage 5
Heat in pre-warmed OTG for around 12 minutes. Permit treats to cool on baking sheet for 5 minutes prior to moving to a wire rack to totally cool.

Stage 6
Store in hermetically sealed compartment. Appreciate with some hot tea or espresso.

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