Nuts Til Ki Kheer Recipe

Nuts Til Ki Kheer Recipe

Nuts Til Ki Kheer Recipe, Winters are here and now is the right time to enjoy a few tasty sweet indulgences and there’s nothing more wonderful than a hot bowl of Kheer stacked with dry products of the soil.

Until is generally eaten in winters as it is warm in nature and the presence of sound proteins and supplements, makes sesame an ideal winter food.

Nuts Til Ki Kheer Recipe

Makar Sankranti is around the bend and now is the right time to make a few sweet treats for the family, yet on the off chance that you don’t have a lot of chance to make an intricate pastry spread, then, at that point, this simple formula can be ready in under 30 minutes that too for certain basic fixings accessible in your kitchen rack. A

long these lines, right away how about we make a rich, thick smooth Til ki Kheer, so commend the colder time of year celebration of Makar Sankranti.

How to make Til Ki Kheer

Stage 1 Boil milk

To make the start with this simple formula, take a vessel and add milk to it, continue to mix so it doesn’t stick at the lower part of the skillet.

Then, take another container and dry dish the sesame seeds and move to a plate.

Stage 2 Roast the dry products of the soil

To similar dish, add a few ghee and throw the dry leafy foods till they become marginally brilliant in shading.

Stage 3 Cook the kheer

When the milk begins to decrease, diminish the fire and include the sesame seeds, alongside dense milk, dry organic products.

Stew it pleasantly for 10 minutes.

Change the pleasantness by tweaking the amount of jaggery or dense milk, if necessary.

Nuts Til Ki Kheer

Nuts Til Ki Kheer Recipe

Stage 4 Serve hot

Finally, switch off the fire and add fueled dates jaggery and dry organic products, blend it pleasantly with the goal that there are no knots.

Serve hot and appreciate

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