North Indian Cookies Recipe

North Indian Cookies Recipe

North Indian Cookies Recipe. This Navratri have a go at something flavorful as well as extraordinary!

Kuttu Atta Cookies is an intriguing treat formula. Recipe

Kuttu Atta Recipe

North Indian Cookies Recipe

Beginning a day without tea and roll or a treat appears to be incomprehensible, however this simple formula will make your lunch time amazing in any event, when you are fasting.

This North Indian formula is made uniquely during Navratri celebration and is a treat to those for the ones who fasting for 9 days!

Evaluate this treats formula and enjoy the integrity!

How to make Kuttu Atta Cookies

Stage 1 Knead the mixture

Combine as one desi ghee, powdered sugar, cardamom powder and sendha namak.

Add the kuttu ka atta and water as expected to manipulate into a batter.

Stage 2 Make little mixture balls

Keep covered for 10 minutes and afterward make little balls out of the mixture.

Straighten and put them on the baking plate.

North Indian Cookies Recipe

Stage 3 Bake the treats and relish!

Pre-heat the broiler and prepare at 150°C for 10 minutes or till they are firm.

On the off chance that you feel they have not heated enough, flip them over and prepare them well on the opposite side as well.

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