Non-careful Esthetic COMCIT Facial

Non-careful Esthetic COMCIT Facial

Non-careful Esthetic COMCIT Facial. Perfectly clear’s Non-Surgical Esthetic COMCIT Facial, otherwise called the frozen facial, is a creative cold treatment is a painless treatment that utilizes CryoOxygen Microchannelling Collagen Induction Therapy to convey firmer, more brilliant and smoother skin after only one treatment.

Non-careful Esthetic COMCIT Facial

Dr Raina Nahar, Consultant, Cosmetologist and Dermatologist Dermatology (Skin and Venereal Disease), Nanavati Super Speciality Hospital will help us in figuring out the A-Z of the method.

Grasping the system: One of the best strategies for skin revival, frozen facial makes a noteworthy showing of invigorating collagen creation and driving dynamic fixings into the more deeply skin layers. The facial purposes the most recent innovation, COMCIT that conveys Cry-Oxygen and Micro-Channeling Rollers that creates an epidermal intersection for a moment distinction.

The job of cold oxygen here is to chill the skin off and invigorate the miniature flow, subsequently expanding the blood supply and fibroblasts for collagen creation. It focuses on the skin where the skin wellbeing starts.

Non-careful Esthetic COMCIT Facial

Argan Stem Cell Extract clinically demonstrated to assist with speeding up the skin’s regular fix interaction and battle skin maturing right at the root. Low Molecular Weight Hyaluronic Acid enters profound into the skin and holds in dampness. Neurolightis has been clinically demonstrated to diminish dim spots and decrease pigmentation

The primary motivation behind frozen facial: It assists with accomplishing stout, brilliant skin yet additionally levels out complexion flaws, barely recognizable differences and dried out skin contingent on the dynamic fixings utilized during the meeting.

Might it at any point deteriorate previous ailments? As this strategy can be redone according to patient’s skin condition and along these lines limits any apparent aftereffects. Subsequently, there is negligible gamble in this strategy.

The quantity of sittings and timeframe of realistic usability of this system: Visible outcomes are seen from the primary meeting yet a course of 4-6 meetings with a hole of 15 days gives the best outcomes. Support for skin would be once in 2-3 months.

Recuperation time: Within a little while gentle expanding and redness would determine.

Cost of frozen facial: One sitting would cost between Rs. 5000/ – to 7000/ – .

The right interest group for this treatment: These strategies can be modified for all age bunches like skin break out inclined, lopsided complexion or dull maturing skin.

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