My mother by marriage’s possessiveness

My mother by marriage’s possessiveness

My mother by marriage’s possessiveness. Question: My mother by marriage is incredibly possessive about my significant other. Our marriage was tranquil and content until his mom moved in with us last year during the pandemic. She assumed control over our kitchen and began making my significant other’s dinners.

She realized I followed an eating regimen, so she cooked for her as well as my better half, keeping me out of their eating times. Each time I and my better half had a contention over something, she would likewise make him lay down with her. Some place as the months progressed, we both hushed up my significant other still prods me that I ought to put in more effort. I can’t manage this lady any longer and it will break my marriage. If it’s not too much trouble, help

My mother by marriage's possessiveness

Reaction by Dr Rachna K Singh: Hi, thank you for keeping in touch with us.

From what you have shared, I can comprehend that you are getting progressively disappointed and depleted, which is an exceptionally legitimate response to the circumstance you have depicted. It is extremely normal that when any third individual, be it a parent, begins living with two individuals in a marriage, the accomplices’ space and condition get problematic. So, it is mayhem in heaven.

My mother by marriage’s possessiveness

I can comprehend how that is making issues among you and your better half as you are not getting one-on-one time with your significant other which is particularly urgent for any relationship.
Yet, one thing that should be given some significance also is that maybe your mother by marriage is needing to invest some energy with “her child” and not “Your better half”.

Moreover, this can be plausible that perhaps she is struggling with acclimating to the new climate which is the reason she is going to those outrageous lengths and needs to be with a person or thing that is natural to her, similar to her child.

Experiencing the same thing, correspondence can do something amazing. It is exhorted for you to have a reasonable and quiet discussion alone with your mother by marriage about how and what conduct of her’s is influencing you. It should be informed that her activities are causing a distance among you and your significant other, which you disapprove of.

Likewise, a legitimate quiet discussion needs to occur among you and your better half to advise him what all regarding this is meaning for you and your relationship and that he additionally needs to get it. He, as well, necessities to have specific limits.

Ultimately, I would demand you to attempt to really impact your viewpoint somewhat here and comprehend that there is plausible that nobody is meaning anybody’s mischief here. What’s more, it is an extraordinary chance that perhaps everybody in the house is going through their own battles which can be perceived and dealt with transparent correspondence.

I trust this makes a difference. Furthermore, assuming you actually wish to examine things further, kindly go ahead and book a meeting with us.
Dr. Rachna Khanna Singh is the HOD – Holistic Medicine, Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon. A Relationship, Lifestyle and Stress Management Expert and the Director – The Mind and Wellness Clinic, New Delhi.

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