Master shares how to manage MAANGLIK DOSHA

Master shares how to manage MAANGLIK DOSHA

Master shares how to manage MAANGLIK DOSHA.In India, crystal gazing and weddings are indistinguishable in Hinduism particularly. Furthermore it is viewed as a significant issue on the off chance that the kid or the young lady has maanglik dosha in her/his kundli. What precisely is this dosha? How can it really impact a marriage? Is there a solution for it? Here is a point by point clarification of what this dosha is about by a Vedic soothsayer. Look down to thoroughly understand it.

What is Maanglik dosha?

Maanglik dosha is additionally called Kuja dosha or Chevvai dosham. At the point when the planet Mars is put in second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth houses from Lagna (ascendant), Chandra (moon) or Sukra (Venus) in a natal diagram, then, at that point, the local will experience the ill effects of Dosha.

Mangala Dosha, otherwise called Mangal Dosh in light of schwa erasure, is a Hindu notion predominant in India. An individual brought into the world affected by Mars according to Hindu crystal gazing is said to have “mangala dosha“; such an individual is known as a Mangalik.

The impacts of Maanglik dosha

On the off chance that one mate has Maanglik dosha, and the other doesn’t, it will influence the life span of the companion’s life who doesn’t have dosha. That is the reason individuals care concerning whether or not their horoscope has dosha. It is additionally considered as a significant component in horoscope matching for marriage. The arrangement is on the off chance that both the kid and young lady havin dosha, there won’t be any issues in pushing ahead with marriage.

Master shares how to manage MAANGLIK DOSHA
Maanglik Dosha

Assuming the place of Mars is in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth, or twelfth house from three graphs I.e. Moon diagram, Venus Chart just as Natal Chart, then, at that point, it will be high mangal dosha. The local under high mangal dosh is said to go through a great deal of obstacles in their day to day existence.

How many individuals experience the ill effects of this dosha?

At the point when you take a gander at the meaning of Maanglik dosha in the primary section, then, at that point, you might feel that the greater part of the total populace might have this dosha. However, in all actuality, under 3% of individuals have Maanglik dosha. The explanation is that there are many standards that can give an exception from this dosha.

If by some stroke of good luck under 3% percent of individuals are having this dosha, why is this dosha significant and famous? The explanation is the vast majority think they have Maanglik dosha from the definition and rebuff themselves accidentally.

Exemption guidelines to this dosha

There are numerous exclusion decides to this dosha that can be examined by a stargazer. a couple of rules which can be applied are:

Mars arrangement on its own signs (Mesha, Vrischika) and commended sign (Makara).
The birth diagram is going under Simha Lagna or Kataga Lagna.
Mars arrangement on Simha or Katara Rasi on the horoscope
There are around 20 all out decides that can be applied to drop this Maanglik dosha.

Master shares how to manage MAANGLIK DOSHA
Maanglik Dosha

How to manage Maanglik Dosha?

The straightforward arrangement is to get hitched to the individual who has the equivalent dosha. How to treat instance of an adoration marriage when one companion has Maanglik dosha? Here is a rundown of a couple of choices:

1.Make sure the kid and young lady previously finished Mars Mahadasha or won’t begin Mars Mahadasha until their advanced age 80+.

2.Make sure the mate who doesn’t have Maanglik dosha doesn’t begin his Maraka (executioner) mahadasha.

3.Make sure the mate who has Maanglik dosha doesn’t begin Bhadhaka (harm) mahadasha.

4.Check the life span of the kid and young lady by taking a gander at their eighth house.

5.Check the Rh blood bunch similarity type for the kid and young lady when making arrangements for a child.

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