Masala Cashew Bhelpuri Recipe

Masala Cashew Bhelpuri Recipe

Masala Cashew Bhelpuri Recipe. Masala Cashew Bhelpuri is a delightful and tart road food recipe which is ready with paani puris, cashews, onions, potatoes, ketchup, puffed rice, sev, green stew sauce and salt. This nibble recipe is a combination of paani puri and bhel puri, which gives you an astounding food experience.

Masala Cashew Bhelpuri Recipe

On the off chance that you are a road food darling, this recipe is an optimal groundwork for you! You can undoubtedly make this tidbit recipe in something like 15 minutes and cook your visitors with this nibble at any party. Ensure that you lessen the hot flavors prior to serving it to the children. Simply follow the easy advances referenced here and attempt this chaat recipe with your loved ones.

Elements of Masala Cashew Bhelpuri

4 Servings
16 paani puris
2 medium onion
3 1/2 tablespoon ketchup
salt as required
4 medium potato
50 gm cashews

4 tablespoon green bean stew sauce
1 1/3 tablespoon refined oil
For Garnishing
1 cup sev
1 cup puffed rice
10 coriander leaves

Masala Cashew Bhelpuri Recipe

Instructions to make Masala Cashew Bhelpuri

Stage 1
Heat up the potatoes in a tension cooker over medium fire.

Stage 2
Meanwhile, hack the onions and cashews.

Stage 3
Heat oil in a container over medium fire. Saute the onions and add the bubbled and pureed potatoes alongside cashews and salt.

Stage 4
Switch off the fire and move the blend to a bowl. Take out little parcels from it and put inside the paani puris.

Stage 5
Decorate the paani puris with ketchup and green bean stew sauce.

Stage 6
Sprinkle sev, puffed rice and wrap up with slashed coriander leaves. Serve right away.

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