Love Me Tender Chicken Recipe

Love Me Tender Chicken Recipe

Love Me Tender Chicken Recipe. Are you searching for a dish which is stacked with taste, Love Me Tender Chicken is your go to recipe. Made with mushrooms, chicken, cheddar and noodles, it is a finished supper in itself and this dish comes helpful on days you are engaging visitors however don’t have any desire to set up a dish which is excessively intricate. Love Me Tender Chicken is a great chicken recipe that can be made in minutes with promptly accessible fixings in the kitchen.

Love Me Tender Chicken Recipe

It is healthy and filling and is an ideal supper for ends of the week and on Sundays when you are searching for a tasty informal breakfast recipe. This delightful recipe can be made with pasta or noodles and in the event that you are a veggie lover you can check it out with paneer. Cherished by kids, this astonishing chicken dish is a should attempt.

Elements of Love Me Tender Chicken

2 Servings
250 gm chicken boneless
2 teaspoon flour
salt as required
1 tablespoon new cream

1/2 cup chicken stock
2 tablespoon spread
1/2 cup pasta penne
100 gm mushroom
1 teaspoon refined oil

powdered dark pepper as required
1 tablespoon lemon juice
1/4 cup ground cheddar shapes
1 teaspoon oregano

Love Me Tender Chicken Recipe

Instructions to have intercourse Me Tender Chicken

Stage 1
Heat up the macaroni/noodles with a touch of salt and a teaspoon of oil. When practically finished, eliminate from fire, wash with cold water and keep to the side, spread on a plate. Cut the mushrooms in quarters and keep to the side. Heat one tablespoon margarine in a container and add the mushrooms. Saute for 5-6 minutes, eliminate from fire and keep to the side. Cut the chicken in strips. Add salt, pepper, a little flour and ½ tsp oil. Blend well.

Stage 2
Take a profound lined skillet. Add 1 1/2 tsp oil in it. Saute the chicken pieces on sluggish fire till done. Eliminate from the dish and keep to the side. You could have to cover the chicken for 2-3 minutes if you have any desire to highlight the cooking system

Stage 3
In a similar dish, heat margarine, add 1 ½ tsp flour. Continue to mix till it is pink in variety however not brown.

Stage 4
To this flour, add the sauteed mushrooms, chicken, pasta, salt and pepper. Blend well. Take this out in a serving dish. Pour the cream on it. Add chicken stock, lemon juice, oregano and cheddar.

Stage 5
Put the dish in microwave for 5 minutes.Serve hot with garlic bread and your preferred plunge.

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