Lemon Mint Juice Recipe

Lemon Mint Juice Recipe

Lemon Mint Juice Recipe. Restore your faculties with the newness of lime, simply follow us through a few simple tasks and appreciate!

On the off chance that you honestly love cool and reviving beverages, you need to attempt this simple Lemon Mint Juice recipe. This drink is known as Pudina Juice recipe in most Indian families. It is a staple particularly during summers, as the mint present in Lemon Mint Juice recipe controls the temperature of the body. On the off chance that you have recently had a weighty feast, you should make this lemon mint juice recipe as it likewise calms the stomach and helps processing. This sound Pudina juice recipe rushes to make and is an optimal trade for sweet soft drinks!

Lemon Mint Juice Recipe

Elements of Lemon Mint Juice

500 ml
1/4 cup
2 teaspoon
4 tablespoon
8 leaves
as required

Lemon Mint Juice Recipe

The most effective method to make Lemon Mint Juice

Stage 1 Squeeze the lemon juice
Crush the juice from the lemons and blend it in a glass container.

Stage 2 Make ginger-mint glue
Blend the ginger squeeze and mint leaves with little water. Drudgery to a fine mash.

Stage 3 Season the ginger-mint glue and add cold water
Add sugar, salt and cold water. Blend well.

Stage 4 Add the lemon juice
Add the lemon squeeze and mix well.

Stage 5 Strain into glasses
Strain into a container or serving glasses. Serve on the double or keep it in the refrigerator until prepared to serve.

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