Khasta Porota Recipe

Khasta Porota Recipe

Khasta Porota Recipe. In India’s every niche and corner, you can undoubtedly find a paratha, porota or a parotta that you can appreciate with a few curries or for what it’s worth. There have been a few varieties of parathas, which we can undoubtedly find across India and one such dish is Khasta Porota, which is a straightforward paratha that North Indian might call as laccha paratha. This simple to-make paratha recipe is simplified utilizing fixings like regular flour, salt, ghee, eggs and sugar.

Khasta Porota Recipe

You can partake in this straightforward paratha with Bengali sheep curry or fish curry during lunch and supper. This satisfactory dish is adaptable to the point that it can likewise be matched well with straightforward dal and rice as well. Relish the Bong flavors with this simple to-make porota recipe!

Elements of Khasta Porota

8 Servings
4 cup regular baking flour
For Dough
2 teaspoon salt
2 tablespoon sugar
water as required
8 tablespoon ghee
2 egg

Khasta Porota Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Khasta Porota

Stage 1
To make this simple recipe, preheat stove at 190 degree Celsius. Then, take a profound lined bowl and include the regular flour, salt and sugar. In another bowl, break eggs and blend it well with dissolved ghee. Presently consolidate the elements of both the dishes together by adding some water in the bowl. Massage a mixture utilizing these fixings.

Stage 2
Presently partition the mixture in 6 divides and straighten it into a circle shape looking like a chapati. Cover with a drenched fabric.

Stage 3
On a lubed surface, put the pre-arranged chapati and spread its edges to get a more slender chapati. Tenderly bring the furthest edges of the chapati closer to get a triangle shape. Cover it with a splashed fabric. Rehash something similar with different parts.

Stage 4
Presently delicately pat the triangle pieces to level them out. Put the smoothed triangle on a baking plate and prepare this for 30 minutes. Take out and present with your #1 Bengali curry!

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