Khasta Namak Para Recipe

Khasta Namak Para Recipe

Khasta Namak Para Recipe. Rainstorm are here and now is the ideal time to commend the celebration of Teej with some delectable Namak Para.

Follow us through a few basic advances given beneath and nail this conventional bite. Serve it with a hot cup of tea and appreciate.

Khasta Namak Para Recipe

Namak Para Recipe

In India, each festival is fragmented without great food, thus we considered sharing a basic nibble formula, which is generally presented with tea.

It just adds to the break time insight, this gorge commendable tidbit makes for an ideal joy for the bubbly season.

Namak Para is otherwise called Nimki in certain pieces of the country.

This simple and fast formula can be ready at home without contributing a lot of time and exertion.

Furthermore, you can likewise serve it with a mint chutney or plunge to make it more scrumptious, it tends to be made for an ideal desi nibble to glut during film evenings or game evenings or any social gathering besides.

You simply need a couple of fixings like wheat flour, ghee, salt, asafoetida and dark pepper to nail this simple formula.

In addition, you can make this delicious flavorful nibble formula for exceptional events and celebrations, your visitors will cherish it without a doubt.

You can serve these Namakparas for certain sweet pleasures, for example, Besan ladoo, nariyal ke ladoo, balushahi,kaju katli, mysore pak, malpua, jalebi, basundi, rasgulla, shahi tukda.

How to make Namak Para

Stage 1 Sieve the flour

To simplify this Namak Para formula, take an enormous plate and strainer the flour.

Then, at that point, add salt, pepper powder and asafoetida powder.

You can likewise add onion and ajwain on the off chance that you like their taste.

Stage 2 Knead the mixture

Presently add a little water and massage the batter, You can likewise add a spot of red stew powder to make it zesty.

Khasta Namak Para Recipe

The batter should be thick and add ghee to emphasize the taste and kind of the dish and manipulate well.

Stage 3 Roll mixture into chapatis and cut namak para

Make little wads of the batter and roll them into medium measured chapatis.

Cut the chapatis into little jewel shapes and keep them to the side.

Stage 4 Deep fry namak para

Heat oil in a skillet over medium fire. Fry the namak paras till they become brilliant.

Eliminate and deplete overabundance oil. Fill in as a nibble with some tea and appreciate with your friends and family.

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