Khade Masale ka Murgh Recipe

Khade Masale ka Murgh Recipe

Khade Masale ka Murgh Recipe. Khade Masale ka Murgh is a simple to-make chicken formula, which is adored by grown-ups and kids, the same. This fundamental dish formula is incredibly tasty and is loaded with mouth-watering flavors which would leave individuals hankering for additional. It is arranged utilizing fixings like chicken, onion, yogurt, ginger-garlic glue and a melange of flavors which make this dish very tasty and difficult to stand up to.

Khade Masale ka Murgh Recipe

You can combine this lip-smacking formula with spread naan, roomali roti and even with steamed rice. This dish is able to serve on exceptional events like kitty party, pot karma, buffet, game evening, birthday, commemoration or on a family get-together and enjoy its enticing flavors. On the off chance that you are a chicken sweetheart, you can never deny this chicken formula. Feel free to evaluate this astonishing formula and dazzle your visitors with your astounding culinary abilities!

Fixings required for making Khade Masale ka Murgh Recipe

500 gm chicken
5 green cardamom
2 inlet leaf
4 dry red stew
salt as required
3 teaspoon garlic glue
1 cup yogurt (curd)
2 cinnamon
2 tablespoon red stew powder
2 twigs coriander leaves
3 tablespoon vegetable oil
5 clove
2 teaspoon cumin seeds
2 teaspoon powdered turmeric
4 teaspoon ginger glue
3 onion
1 tablespoon dark pepper
mace as required
2 tablespoon garam masala powder

Khade Masale ka Murgh Recipe

The most effective method to make Khade Masale ka Murgh Recipe

Stage 1

To make this formula, take a slashing load up and cleave the onions and coriander leaves, independently. Presently, place a skillet over medium fire and hotness ghee. Add green cardamom, red stew, cloves, straight leaves and cumin seeds. Mix them for 1 moment.

Stage 2

At the point when they begins snapping, add slashed onion and fry until it becomes clear. At long last, add ginger-garlic glue and mix until the dampness vanishes.

Stage 3

Then, add curd, chicken, red bean stew powder, turmeric, garam masala powder, salt and the expected measure of water. Blend them well, cover it with a top and cook until the chicken becomes delicate.

Stage 4

When the chicken is cooked, sprinkle dark pepper powder and mix them well. Switch off the fire and move it to a serving dish. Embellish with coriander leaves and serve hot with phulka or roomali roti. Appreciate!

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