Katte Pongali Recipe

Katte Pongali Recipe

Katte Pongali Recipe. Festivities in India are just deficient without great food! As a matter of fact, the genuine pith of celebrations lie in the arrangements, and food is an indistinguishable piece of it. Indeed, as Ugadi celebration is around the bend, now is the ideal time to praise the event with the integrity of scrumptious rarities like Katte Pongali. This exquisite dish is many times filled in as an exceptional breakfast in South India.

Katte Pongali Recipe

Made with the decency of rice, moong dal, ghee and curry leaves, this dish is really solid and can be processed without any problem! You can make this recipe in less than 25 minutes and serve it to your visitors at your next kitty party, potluck, game evening or some other such events. This light recipe can likewise be stuffed for lunch, picnics and excursions. Thus, proceed to attempt this heavenly recipe with your friends and family and you can likewise attempt: Sakkarai Pongal, Medu Vada, Dal Vada and Pulissery.

Elements of Katte Pongali

4 Servings
400 gm rice
salt as required
2 teaspoon cumin seeds
2 teaspoon dark pepper

4 cashews-simmered
400 gm moong dal
water as required
3 tablespoon ghee
4 curry leaves

Katte Pongali Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Katte Pongali

Stage 1
To make this simple recipe, you really want a couple of straightforward fixings. Wash the rice and moong dal. Channel the additional water and cook in a strain cooker till you hear 3 whistles.

Stage 2
Presently, heat ghee in a skillet over medium fire and add cumin seeds, curry leaves, dark pepper and salt in it.

Stage 3
Add the cooked rice and dal in the skillet and cook well for 10 minutes. Take out in bowls and topping with broiled cashews. Serve hot!

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