Kadahi Paneer

Kadahi Paneer

Kadahi Paneer. Kadahi Paneer is a mouth-watering vegan formula that is an ideal primary dish. With this incredibly delectable and zesty dish, you can make an eatery like involvement with your home for your friends and family. Pair this simple formula with spread naan and rice to partake in a healthy feast. In the event that you are a paneer darling, this lip-smacking dish will charm your taste buds.

Kadahi Paneer

This protein-pressed lunch formula is scrumptious and sound simultaneously. You can set up this formula to give your typical lunch an alternate touch. Kadahi Paneer is additionally a yummy formula to make on the off chance that you are facilitating a get-together or a family supper. Do attempt this formula, rate it and let us in on how it ended up being.

Elements for making Kadahi Paneer

200 gm paneer
1/2 teaspoon powdered turmeric
1/2 teaspoon garam masala powder
1/2 cup water
2 squeezes powdered dark pepper
2 ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon bean stew powder
1 finely cleaved tomato
2 stalks cleaved coriander leaves
4 tablespoon refined oil

For The Main Dish

2 cleaved onion
1/2 cup beaten yogurt (curd)

Kadahi Paneer

Instructions to make Kadahi Paneer

Stage 1 Saute the onions

Put oil in a handi, pan sear the cleaved onions on medium fire, when done, diminish the fire to low. Then add ground ginger, turmeric powder, bean stew powder, garam masala and blend well.

Stage 2 Cook the tomatoes

Add the finely cleaved tomato and green bean stew, and cook on low fire for around 10 minutes.

Stage 3 Add curd

Add half cup beaten curd and cook till it gets thicker, prior to adding salt. Add a large portion of some water and heat it to the point of boiling. Blend in malai paneer and slashed coriander. Cover the handi with a top and cook till the masala dries.

Stage 4 Ready to be served

Add pepper and eliminate from the fire. Serve in an enormous bowl and sprinkle coriander leaves over the dish.


You can embellish the dish with new malai to make it more extravagant.
Cooking the Paneer in a handi gives it an exceptional and delectable flavor.

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