Kachalu Chaat Recipe

Kachalu Chaat Recipe

Kachalu Chaat Recipe. Kachalu is a heavenly Delhi adaptation of natural product salad, arranged utilizing tart and sweet organic products like, banana, apple, pineapple, strawberry, orange and green grapes.

Banana and pineapple are important natural products for Kachalu as Kachalu Chaat Recipe are accessible all as the year progressed.


Kachalu Chaat Recipe

Occasional natural products are utilized in planning Kachalu for Ramzan.

Tart and sweet organic products are cut into little pieces and joined with sugar and chaat masala.

Lemon juice gives it a truly necessary tart flavor and makes this organic product chaat an awesome treat.

Your little ones will worship this beautiful organic product chaat. Kachalu Chaat RecipeYour little ones will worship this beautiful organic product chaat.

Attempt this reviving and sound Kachalu with your precious ones!

How to make Kachalu

Stage 1

Kachalu Chaat Recipe an enormous bowl, strip and cut banana into thick cuts.

Add green grapes and orange in bowl.

Cut strawberry into half and blend in with different natural products. Add apple and pineapple pieces.

Throw the natural products well.

Stage 2

Sprinkle chaat masala and add sugar to improve the organic product chaat.

Add lemon juice for a tart character.

Throw the natural products well to blend the fixings.

Kachalu Chaat Recipe

Stage 3

Embellish with coriander leaves or whisked cream. Serve chilled.

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