Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe

Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe

Stage 1 Roast the chickpea flour in ghee
Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe.Heat ghee in a container or kadhai or a thick-lined profound skillet. Add chickpea flour and mix for 3 – 4 minutes or until it becomes light brown and becomes fragrant. Move it to another plate and keep it to the side. (It will be in fluid structure yet no issue. At the point when you add khoya and sugar it will solidify.)

Stage 2 Roast the khoya and blend in with flour
In another kadhai, dry dish the disintegrated khoya until it turns out to be light brown in shading. Mix it continually so it doesn’t adhere to the lower part of the container. (This will take around 5 – 6 minutes). Eliminate the container from heat. Add the simmered flour and give a blend.

Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps - Recipe
Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe

Stage 3 Make the pinni blend
Presently let the khoya-flour blend cool down a little. Presently add sugar powder and every one of the nuts. Add 1 tsp milk and blend well. Presently let it rest for around 15 minutes.

Stage 4 Make pinnis and serve
Presently oil your hands with some ghee and make little pinnis from the blend. When all the pinnis are made, serve them and store the rest in a water/air proof holder.

How to Make Kabuli Pinni

1.Powder sugar and keep it aside.

2.Heat ghee in a pan or kadhai or a thick bottomed deep pan. Add chickpea flour and stir for 3 – 4 minutes or until it turns light brown and becomes aromatic.

3.Transfer it to another plate and keep aside. (It will be in liquid form but no problem. When you add khoya and sugar it will harden.)

4.In another kadai, dry roast crumbled khoya until it becomes light brown in color. Stir it constantly so that it does not stick to the bottom of the pan. (This will take around 5 – 6 minutes.)

5.Remove the pan from heat. Add fried flour.6.Next add raisins, pistachios and almonds. Mix all the ingredients well and leave it aside for cooling.

6.Drizzle milk and mix once more. (This step is optional. Add milk only if you find it difficult to make balls. )Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe

Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps - Recipe
Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe

7.When the mixture is warm and manageable, then shape into round balls.

8.Decorate with coconut. Let the pinnis cool completely before storing them in an airtight container

Without Pinni, the Punjabi celebration appears to have blurred. However, to eat something sweet during winter, remembering your wellbeing, then, at that point, most certainly attempt a pinni made of flour. Pinni, produced using ghee, jaggery, flour and diyfruits, is wealthy in sustenance and is likewise delicious in taste.

Pinni is an optimal nibble to eat during winter. It is eaten for the most part with milk for breakfast. Certain individuals likewise serve it as a pastry to the visitors.Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe
The equilibrium of sweet, pungent and zest in this sweet dish adds a special flavor to it. There are numerous assortments of pinnies, for example, flour pinni, rice pinni, gum pinni, urad dal pinni, linseed pinni. They don’t ruin for long and don’t should be put away in the cooler to store them. How about we know Pinny’s medical advantages and how to make it.

Shortcoming does away

Pinny food is regularly given to pregnant and lactating ladies. So that its admission can eliminate the shortcoming in the body during pregnancy. Aside from this, on the off chance that there is any sort of sluggishness in the body, eating a pinny day by day is exceptionally advantageous.

Valuable in period

Pinni is wealthy in iron, which the body gets energy by eating and helps in diminishing the aggravation in the midriff and the joint. In winter, numerous ladies need to manage different period related issues. In such a circumstance, eating pinni made of urad dal every day will help a ton.

Resistance helps power

You are bound to become sick in winter. Pinni is an incredible invulnerability sponsor for him. In this manner it is prescribed to eat pinni in winter. Eating Pinny will expand your invulnerability and lessen your odds of becoming sick.

Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps - Recipe
Kabuli pinni in just 4 easy steps – Recipe

Joint help with discomfort

Regularly individuals deal with the issue of joint agony throughout the colder time of year season. Along these lines, to remain solid in winter, drink a pinny around evening time with a glass of warm milk. By eating this, bones and muscles additionally become solid.

Pinni Recipe


2 cups wheat flour
2 tablespoons semolina
1 cup superfine sugar (or powdered jaggery)
1 cup liquefied ghee
1/4 cup cleaved almonds and pistachios
1/4 cup yellow raisins
3/4 tbsp cardamom powder
Formula of pinni

Cook wheat flour in ghee on low hotness until the shade of the mixture becomes light brown. Mix consistently, if not the flour might consume. To make the ideal pinni, it must be mixed constantly, so that its hotness is kept up with while making it on medium hotness and slow hotness. The semolina is somewhat granular and when blended in with wheat flour, it makes the combination extra crunchy, however it is discretionary.

In the wake of adding dry nuts and sugar, the combination will become like batter. Eliminate the combination from the hotness and permit it to cool to the touch. At the point when it chills off, make little ping-pong bolson-formed with this combination. In the event that the pinni combination appears to be dry and fresh, add a spoon of milk and work. This will tie the blend well.

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