Jaggery Paratha Recipe

Jaggery Paratha Recipe

Jaggery Paratha Recipe. There are different approaches to setting up a paratha in India and one of those assortments is this Sweet Paratha which is generally known as Chini ka Paratha or Sugar Roti.

This paratha formula is everybody’s preference for the morning meal and extremely near nearly everyone’s cherished recollections.

Jaggery Paratha

Jaggery Paratha Recipe

Sweet Paratha is extremely normal in North India and is comprised of entire wheat flour.

Once can likewise utilize cinnamon assuming they need to as one of it’s fixings just to give it a little zest. Its fitting to have this Paratha with tea for a superior taste.

The following time you desire for something sweet go for this paratha formula as it’s very simple to plan at home.

One can cook it to different shapes rather than simply going for a cycle one.

How to make Sweet Paratha

Stage 1

In an enormous bowl blend flour in with ghee, sugar and water.

Manipulate into a delicate mixture. Begin planning little ball formed mixture balls out of this huge batter.

Stage 2

On a moving board begin leveling these mixture balls utilizing a folding pin into round formed level batter.

Presently, heat a skillet on the medium fire and when hot, individually begin putting these level round formed mixture on it.

Oil it’s top surface with ghee and cook till it becomes brown.

Flip it to the opposite side and do likewise work it gets cooked well.

Jaggery Paratha Recipe

Stage 3

Rehash something similar with rest of the mixture balls. Move them to a dish and serve hot.

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