Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe

Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe

Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe. Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe is a flavorful formula that you can plan for your friends and family on unique events and we are certain, it will be preferred by children and grown-ups the same. This simple to-make pasta formula is arranged utilizing basic fixings like chicken, cheddar, parsley, onion and garlic alongside penne pasta, which makes this formula just difficult to stand up to. This pasta formula is an extraordinary choice for lunch or supper on ends of the week and unique informal breakfasts.

Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe

Serve this chicken pasta with a tall glass of wine to support the interesting kinds of this tantalizing formula. You can likewise serve this mouth-watering principle dish formula on events like potluck, kitty party, game evening, date or on a social affair. You could actually pack this pasta formula in the tiffin for lunch, and we can wager your companions will request more from it! Thus, don’t stand by a lot and attempt this lip-smacking dish today and dazzle your friends and family with your culinary abilities. Cheerful cooking!

Elements for making Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe

500 gm chicken
3 tablespoon cleaved parsley
1 tablespoon dark pepper
1/2 cup cheddar feta
2 tablespoon lemon juice
1 enormous slashed tomato
2 branches coriander leaves
500 gm pasta penne
1 tablespoon virgin olive oil
1/2 cup slashed onion
2 cloves squashed garlic
water as required
2 1/2 teaspoon oregano

Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe

Step by step instructions to make Italian Chicken Pasta Recipe

Stage 1

To set up this pasta formula, wash and clean the onion, parsley, tomato. Then, at that point, utilizing a clean slashing board, hack the vegetables independently and keep them to the side until required once more. Then, cleave the chicken into medium size pieces and keep it to the side.

Stage 2

In the mean time, put a pan on medium hotness. Add the require measure of water and pasta in it. Permit it to bubble until the pasta becomes delicate. Channel the water and keep the pasta to the side until required once more.

Stage 3

Then, put a nonstick skillet over medium fire and hotness olive oil in it. Whenever it is warmed add squashed garlic and slashed onions in the skillet. Saute them for 3 minutes.

Stage 4

Presently, add the chicken parts of the skillet and cook for 5 minutes or until the chicken is light-brown in shading.

Stage 5

Add feta cheddar, lemon juice, cooked pasta, slashed tomato, parsley and oregano. Blend well and let the pasta cook for 3 minutes. Embellish it with new coriander leaves and season it with salt and pepper. Serve hot!

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