Indian superstitions and the theories behind them

Indian superstitions and the theories behind them

Indian superstitions and the theories behind them,

Take a look at superstitions Indians still follow

India is the land with various traditions, beautiful heritage and ancestral ideals. God works its ways quite mysteriously in this land. Even though we’ve progressed scientifically so much, we nevertheless agree with in superstitions that keep our ideals strongly. Whether it’s approximately putting lemons and chillies in the front of your foremost door or watching for the black cat to pass the road. While a few are bone-tickling and hilarious, some are pretty scary! Let’s take a look at some of the famous superstitions Indians nevertheless appear to consider.

Take a look at superstitions Indians still follow

Cutting your nails after sunset
It’s is believed slicing your nails after sundown approach you’re inviting misfortune into your lifestyles.

Seeing mynah birds
If a person sees a pair of mynah birds collectively on their manner to anyplace, then it’s stated to deliver exact good fortune to the photo. However, in the event that they see best 1 bird, it may be unlucky. This superstition is broadly believed in West Bengal.

Sweeping after sunset
Sweeping after sunset brings terrible luck to your own home. People agree with they may throw out crucial and precise things within the dark.

Adding 1 Rupee coin to gifts
Many generally tend to feature 1 rupee ordinary coin to gift money due to the fact it’s miles taken into consideration to be a lucky omen. So, it’s usually a perception for nicely-wishers to add a 1 Rupee coin.

Eating curd before something major
Be it your examination or task interview, the mother or the top inside the indian family constantly offers a spoon of curd to the individual that’s going to do some thing predominant. It’s said to bring fulfillment and desirable fortune.

Lemon and chillies
Hanging a string of seven chillies and lemons out of your the front door or to your automobile is a sign of a very good omen. It also manner no evil spirit can come close to you or your loved ones. A Hindu legend indicates Alakshmi, the goddess of misfortune loves highly spiced and bitter food and so, whilst she comes to people’s doorways, she satisfies her hunger through consuming the chillies and lemon. This manner the goddess of misfortune can’t enter houses.

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